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 Erin Nerisame (White Oracle :3)

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PostSubject: Erin Nerisame (White Oracle :3)   Tue Aug 27, 2013 9:40 am

Basic Information

Name: Erin Nerisame
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: 17th July
Erin is a tall girl with a pair of blue eyes.Her hair is blonde and it reaches her back.She prefers to let them down.The girls skin is paler than usual and she has a little scar over her right eye which she hides with a short strand of hair.Erin has a more athletic boby,since she does all the housework every day.Erin doesn't have a certain preference in clothing,she may wear whatever she likes.
Main Element: Fire!
Support Element(s): Lightning and Ice
Erin has a kinda neutral personality,she can change her mood in seconds.Because of her harsh childhood the girl won't trust someone easily,so she doesn't have many close friend.Also,Erin loves teasing other people.When she is with her friends or family,she gets more friendly.People she hates will be ignored or eliminated.
Erin was born and raised up in a big house near the sea.Because her parents were rich and had to work hard at their Company,they couldn't  spend much time with their daughter.So they hired a maid to keep  Erin.The maid's name was Nara and she raised Erin like her own child.After years they became very close.They played,they shared stories and adventures like real family.
 At that time Erin was going to a private school.She had only a few friends but she was one of the best students of her class.At that school she learned how to control her main element.When Erin was 12 years old the family's Company got burned.Unfortunatelly,because of that insident,Erin's familly had to fire Nara and after  months  to sell their house.The girl's parents depressed and poor couldn't raise up the girl anymore so they sent their daugther to her Unkle.
Erin's Unkle was living at a rather small house near the MEA,together with his son Renji.At first,Erin couldn't really get comfotable with her new lifestyle because she had to live in a small house and as the only girl at the familly,Erin had to learn to do all the housework.
 Erin transfered to the MEA to learn more about her element.The girl learned to use fire perfectly and she also learned how to use lightning and after a year she learned how to use ice.Unfortunaly as good as she was at  school,the other students didn't like to hang out with her because of her personality.
 Erin and her cousin were really close to each other like best friends and when Erin was13,Renji told Erin about the white Oracle and he persuaded Erin to go and find them for fun.The girl aggreed and followed Renji.Suddently they found the White Oracle at their hiding place.The two teenagers spied at the evil group for a while when suddently Renji fell on the ground.The White oracle found the two kids and tried to destroy them.Renji could flee succesful but Erin got caught.After a few hours of questions the white oracle learned about Erin's backround  history and that she was a student at the MEA.But because they felt sorry about the girl they asked her to join them or to die.Of course Erin accepted the offer and became a White Oracle member.
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Character sheet
Main Element : Fire
Support Elements : Wind and Ice

PostSubject: Re: Erin Nerisame (White Oracle :3)   Tue Aug 27, 2013 11:20 pm

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Erin Nerisame (White Oracle :3)
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