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 WHITE ORACLE, beliar severin

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PostSubject: WHITE ORACLE, beliar severin    Mon Aug 26, 2013 1:08 pm

Basic Information

Name: Beliar Severin

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Birthday: September 12th


Main Element: wind

Support Element(s): nature

Personality: Although at first he might seem to be the kind and caring type, he is far from that. He is extremely flirty towards both genders, even though he prefers to keep it to a minimum level and does it more jokingly than seriously. It doesn't matter if you're a friend, a foe or a stranger, he will throw you at least two to three flirty lines if he sees you anywhere.

Other than that, he is indeed kind and welcoming to those he finds appropriate to be his company. Besides, he's not stupid enough to ditch away people; anyone and everyone might prove to be important in the future, and since importance is something you don't wanna mess around with, he tends to keep everyone to his good side.

If the situation calls for it, he can become manipulative too. He's not really one to care more about others than himself. He could easily be called selfish if it wasn't for the occasional caring aura he gives off to people. Whatever the situation, he always strives to find the easiest way through. He hates responsibilities and will be extremely lazy whenever he can afford it -almost always seeing as he's out of major harm's way nowadays-.

As for more personal matters, he can be serious when it is needed, and, although rare, he can come to care about someone so much he won't have a problem sacrificing himself in any way for their sake. Love is another matter though. never in his life has he been seriously in love with anyone, and thus he still doesn't know how far he would go for the one he loves.

History: From the day he was born, he had an easy life. His parents were both of high status -his father being a very famous doctor and his mother a well known musician- and they did not hold back when it came to spoiling him. He had whatever he asked for and lived inside the safety of his huge house. From the beginning of his life, until later in the future, he didn't have many friends, and he's still not sure if those few he had actually wanted to be friends with him or his family's money. He had a pretty normal childhood, with the bunch of private lessons being an exception. His parents loved spoiling him, but they also wanted a son worthy of their status.

Around his 12th birthday, he discovered that becoming a doctor, a musician or a teacher were not the only things he could do in life. A very quiet evening, an extremely energetic woman who declared herself as his aunt burst into the house, carrying three huge suitcases. Apparently, much to his parent's dismay, the woman would be staying with them until she found a house of her own, lately getting divorced and all. She always had a smile on her face and the plants in her room always seemed to grow unbelievably fast, blooming even though it was only the end of winter.

The last part got him curious enough to sneak into her room everyday, searching for some weird spray or a magical potion that would explain the cause of the blooming. It wasn't long before he was discovered, but instead of getting scolded, he just got his answer. It was indeed magic. Nature magic, as she called it. Seeing the boy's curiousness, the woman didn't hesitate to offer him lessons on how to do what she claimed to have done as a job earlier in her life. Bel accepted without a second though, and they started their lessons immediately.

It didn't seem like he had much talent on nature magic, but he showed improvement in his aunt's secondary element, wind. The boy had become extremely interested in magic by now, but his parents weren't all that happy with that. They did try to stop him from what he was walking into several times, but gave up once they realized it was all in vain. He had advanced in his primary element, that being wind, while his secondary still need some training, when one day, his magical reality was crushed. His parents were absent and his aunt and he were alone in the house, training. Two men jumped into the house's garden and just walked towards the teacher and student like nothing had happened. His aunt quickly realized what was going on and headed Bel to ran for his life while he still could. The boy obeyed his teacher without a word, leaving the house and running off, far away from the area.

The next day he returned, only to find his parents in all black, mourning over the unreasonable death of a family member. He couldn't enter his house. He couldn't bear the loss, and he knew that if he actually returned he would not be able to take revenge, nor continue his practice of magic for that matter. He ran away, only to be found by a member of the white oracle. He was offered to join the organization and so he did without a second thought. A while later he learned his aunt was also part of the organization in the past and that the two men who came after her were probably teachers of the MEA. By then, his revenge plan had calmed down a bit, but he was still satisfied he had chosen the right side.
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PostSubject: Re: WHITE ORACLE, beliar severin    Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:57 pm

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WHITE ORACLE, beliar severin
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