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 Yuki's Ice Skills (Probably done)

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PostSubject: Yuki's Ice Skills (Probably done)   Tue Aug 06, 2013 6:04 pm

Skill's name: Chishio Dance
Skill's Appearance:
Chishiro Dance:
Ability: Yuki freezes the water molecules in someone's bloodstream, crystallizing their blood. She then forces all of it outwards, by controlling the small ice fibers within it. This causes the person to basically explode, leaving behind a beautiful looking ice sculpture, painted red. (Must have direct physical contact to use.)
Power: 10
Skill Type: Ice

Skill's name: Chi Dance
Skill's Appearance: Small spikes of solidified blood jutting out of a person's body
Ability: This is a watered down version of the Chishiro Dance. By being very close to her opponent, Yuki can target one of their extremities, and once again solidify it's blood. While this move does not cause the target to loose as much blood as a typical stab wound, it doesn't hurt much, however the lack of active blood makes it impossible for her target to use this body part. (Limited to hands, feet, and ears.)
Power: 4
Skill Type: Ice

Skill's name: Izumi Dance
Skill's Appearance:
Izumi Dance:
Ability: Yuki presses her hands to the ground, and ice spikes begin shooting out of the ground within a 330 foot radius. The spikes start in a circle around her, then move outward. There is plenty of warning and time, for someone to avoid the attack, so it's simply used as a chain to other Ice based attacks.
Power: 2 (As it hardly ever hits an opponent)
Skill Type: Ice

Skill's name: Shikkei Dance
Skill's Appearance: Hail
Ability: At high altitudes, Yuki can freeze the water in clouds, creating a razor sharp, dagger-like hail.
Power: 6
Skill Type: Ice

Skill's name: Kiara-kun!
Skill's Appearance: An Ice statue, modeled after Kiara
Ability: Yuki slowly creates a massive statue, replicated after Kiara, her fellow White Oracle Supreme. The statue serves as protection for herself, or anyone injured. It can use basic wind attacks, (which are actually controlled by Yuki) and can swing it's arms at hostile targets.
Power: 4
Skill Type: Ice (Wind)

Skill's name: Conny!
Skill's Appearance: Same as the skill Kiara! But modeled after Connor
Ability: Just as the skill: Kiara! Yuki makes a statue based on another White Oracle Supreme. Because she cannot use lightning, Yuki has the statue send flaming rocks to replicate the element the best she can. (More offensive than, Kiara!)
Power: 5
Skill Type: Ice (Earth, Fire)

Skill's name: Kirai-san!
Skill's Appearance: Just as the other's only based off of White Oracle's boss.
Ability: As Kirai Senso uses Ice as her main element, just like Yuki, her statue is much more useful than the others. It is strictly offense, and can perform all of Yuki's abilities, but on a much larger scale. (Excluding blood manipulation, as Yuki still has to be the one in direct contact)
Power: 8
Skill Type: Ice

Skill's name: Kanpa Dance
Skill's Appearance: Ice grows over everything
Ability: Yuki completely exhausts herself, by covering everything around her in a 10 mile radius in a sheet of ice. This is done to render manipulation of other things through elemental control, useless. ie. the frozen water cannot be moved, the dying trees cannot be willed, snowy rocks cannot be lifted, flames are difficult to start, air is thin, and electrical conduits don't run. While in an unconscious state, Yuki retains control of the ice, preventing others from using it as well, though this doesn't mean that they can't freeze and use other water molecules them self. As this knocks Yuki out, it is used as a sacrificial move, to turn the tide of battle in Kirai's favor. Even when unconscious, she still selectively allows Kirai's familiar aura control over the ice, despite others not being able to manipulate it. After awakening, Yuki is very ill and the rate at which she recovers depends on how long the move was used for.
Power: 10
Skill Type:

Skill's name: Kumoreggu Dance
Skill's Appearance: Eight red, crystallized tendrils.
Ability: Yuki freezes her own blood, and pushes it out of her body in the shape of eight spider like legs. They are typically used for mobility, but can also be used in combat. When she is trying to steal the blood of multiple bodies, she stabs these legs in to them, merging their solidified blood with hers to be drawn back in to her. In combat, she can quickly absorb the blood of others, and use it to lengthen her spider legs, as they are limited to the amount of blood she possesses.
Power: 2
Skill Type: Ice

Skill's name: Yuki Dance
Skill's Appearance: Snow
Ability: Yuki creates a light blizzard in the area around her.
Power: 0
Skill Type: Ice (Wind)

Skill's name: Shinonome Dance
Skill's Appearance:
Shinonome Dance:
Ability: Yuki turns the snowflakes from the Yuki Dance, in to small balls of aurora, by mixing the protons in each snowflake with the gasses made from small fireballs that she makes inside of them. The fire is almost entirely gas, therefore it cannot be put out with water, which means that the auroras will slowly expand, then shrink again when the fire inside begins to be smothered. The Shinonome Dance is used mostly as a setup for a surprise attack, or a distraction during a fight. If stared at for too long, they can cause minor temporary blindness, and impaired vision. (In other words, you'll see those annoying black spots everywhere)
Power: 4
Skill Type: Ice (Fire)

Skill's name: Kesho Dance
Skill's Appearance:
Kesho Dance:
Ability: Yuki extinguishes the fires in the Shinonome Dance, and freezes the shape of the aurora in to these spike balls. They can inflict shredding damage to those in the area, but are also very light. They can be swatted away with ease, if your willing to risk several minor stab wounds.
Power: 8
Skill Type: Ice (Wind)

Skill's name: Shinrei Dance
Skill's Appearance:
Shinrei Dance:
Ability: Yuki creates wings made out of ice and snowflakes, though they are only for looks, as she actually creates an invisible set of wings made of wind underneath them, that actually give her flight abilities.
Power: 0
Skill Type: Ice (Wind)

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PostSubject: Re: Yuki's Ice Skills (Probably done)   Wed Aug 07, 2013 12:45 am

Wow I can't believe you named an ability after my character * o *
Anyways tell us when you're finished and we'll approve it
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Male Leo Posts : 189
Join date : 2013-08-01
Age : 20
Location : Chandler, Arizona

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PostSubject: Re: Yuki's Ice Skills (Probably done)   Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:41 am

I'm gonna make skills after all the oracle supremes, but I'm waiting for her to meet most of them in threads.
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PostSubject: Re: Yuki's Ice Skills (Probably done)   

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Yuki's Ice Skills (Probably done)
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