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 A little bit training doesn't hurt

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PostSubject: A little bit training doesn't hurt   Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:42 am

Erin wasn't feeling very well today,her back hurt and she was still sleepy.Since the girl just woke up.-I am gonna do some training today- she thought.As opened the door she noticed that the place was completely empty.But of course it was empty,it was still 7pm.The girl walked some steps further leaving the door open and then she did some stretches.Everything was so peaceful and quiet.Just the way she liked it.After a few minutes of stretching,Erin begun exercising at her fire elemental skills.
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PostSubject: Re: A little bit training doesn't hurt   Wed Aug 28, 2013 5:33 am

He wasn't having a good day. Actually, night, to be correct. His pillow had somehow become the most uncomfortable thing in the world and his back was aching as if he was lying in rocks instead of a mattress. The clock's ticking noise in his room did not help much either. He had to get rid of that clock. Seriously. His eyes shot open and he gave up on sleeping. The annoying clock pointed its hands at exactly half past six. Damn that was early. As early as it was though, the birds outside seemed to be having a party of sorts. "Fine, Fine, I get it!" In seconds he was up and rustling his hair, after forcefully throwing his pillow at the room's window, scaring the singing birds away.

And thus, another day was about to start; a bad one according to Bel. Apparently, his clothes had somehow hidden themselves in the deepest part of the closet. How that had even come to be was a mystery and the boy would not question it more. It took him half an hour to get ready for this new, awful day, and when he was finally done, a very, very depressing question hit him; what was he going to do today? He definitely was not in the mood to deal with any of the MEA brats. And if he tried to get out of the headquarters, trouble would probably find him like it always had. He found himself leaving a long and dreadful sigh, destroying the silence that had taken over the room.

After some minutes of mental debate, Bel decided it was better to walk around the headquarters instead of standing still in one place for the rest of this boring day. His steps quickly brought to a quite unfamiliar place. He had seen people going in and out of the training area, but he never had actually entered it himself. He always preferred to train outside, in open places where an actual fight might take place in the future. The door was open though, and as a normal human being, the urge to get inside overtook his body and his feet moved curiously, making him walk inside.

He soon found out he was not alone. A girl around his age seemed to be training her elemental powers. A girl he had never seen before. An attractive girl. There we go again. Narrowing his eye lids and putting on a charming smile, he approached her slowly. "Ohoo... What do we have here?" He kept his distance in case of any unannounced fire balls, but still maintained his flirty stature. He just couldn't help it. Flirting for him was like drinking water. It was necessary.
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Female Aquarius Posts : 4
Join date : 2013-08-25
Age : 21
Location : Home :3

PostSubject: Re: A little bit training doesn't hurt   Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:10 am

Erin was about to shoot another fireball when she  suddently heard a male voice comming from behind.The girl turned around slowly as she saw a good looking boy,with blonde hair and red eyes.He was standing right there with a charming smile on his face looking at her.-who is that guy?-she thought.

Erin was staring at the boy for two minutes or so,then  she smiled and turned her back at him continuing her practice,while practicing she shouted

"And who are you?"

She didn't really want to talk to anyone,the girl only wanted to be allone.But she was also kinda curious about him.He had something charming and attractive on him,but still she had to keep her feelings for herself.

The next 5 minutes she practiced with her lightning element.Erin shooted lightning from her hands at the direction of a dummy.The dummy got some damage but she kept hittlng it.She had to destroy it,even if it was only a dummy.Because her actual goal was to become stronger.

The sun was already up and it had become hotter.Erin wiped some sweat from her forehead.Her back was still hurting her so she stoped her training,sitting on the floor and left a sigh.
The floor felt cold to her since she was practicing for so long and after a few moments she lied on the ground.
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PostSubject: Re: A little bit training doesn't hurt   

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A little bit training doesn't hurt
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